Shadowborn Shadowborn Darkborn Trilogy

  • Title: Shadowborn
  • Author: Alison Sinclair
  • ISBN: 9780451463944
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shadowborn Darkborn Trilogy

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      Alison Sinclair is a science fiction and fantasy author.

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    1. After two books of setting up factions and mysteries, Shadowborn had a lot of loose ends to tie off. Unfortunately, I found its knot-work less than satisfying.(view spoiler)[The good guys spend rather a lot of time puzzling over the bad guys' capricious timing and oddly varied level of attacks, concluding "there must be some reason for this we don't understand." So I . . . expected there to be a reason for it that we didn't understand (yet). And there is, somewhat, if you squint and fanwank a li [...]

    2. I liked the domestic fantasy of the first two volumes occurring in the interstices of epic fantasy, so it was really disappointing to me when this volume became all epic, all the time. I also had a hard time following some of the Shadowborn machinations, until they broke down into something ironically too simplistic. Tip: "Because s/he's crazy!" is not actually a good motivation for villains.It's good the villains were mostly off-screen, given how poorly thought-out they were, but it's not good [...]

    3. Conclusion of divided-species trilogy. This worked very well for me in some ways, and fell down significantly in others. Biggest fall: the storyline overlaps the previous book in the series. But I read _Lightborn_ a year ago and I just don't have the details to hand. The viewpoint characters here are explicitly far away from the previous batch, so they don't know what's going on, and this is part of the story. Nonetheless, the plot threads *do* pass occasionally, like trains in the night. (Liter [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Darkborn. The next one – Lightborn – expanded on the characters and the plot, bringing in politics and tension. So I had high hopes for the conclusion, Shadowborn…This one’s lighter on the characters I enjoyed in the previous two books – namely Lady Telmaine Hearne, her husband Dr. Balthasar Hearne, and Baron Ishmael di Studier. They’re here, don’t get me wrong – and with important roles to play. But with everything else going on th [...]

    5. A very convoluted (by necessity)ending to a good fantasy story arc. The first book was the best(Darkborn) and this third one was the weakest.The action overlaps that of Lightborn for the first hundred pages or so, that we might come up to speed on the action in the South involving Ishmael and Balthasar Hearne. And it is pretty much all action, as they fight the Shadowborn and their creatures. And that sets the tone for the rest of the book--lots and lots of action, a lot of it very confusing.We [...]

    6. This was a satisfactory ending to the trilogy. If I sound a little ambivalent, it is because I am. I'm not sure what I expected. Was the ending predicatable? I didn't predict it. I could see one possible outcome that I knew would annoy me. The book didn't go there. I think my biggest problem is dealing with/accepting beings who border on the omnipotent. I quess that it my only complaint with this novel. And it can't be a big complaint, because Ms. Sinclair handled it well. She did not opt for th [...]

    7. This was a good book, but I found myself not able to follow all the storylines as well as I would have liked. There's a lot to try to follow. The writing wasn't as good as the first one, I thought. But a great ending to a great trilogy! Wish she would write more!

    8. complicated but well worth the read and something about the ending left me hanging for more. let's hope that there is more.

    9. *Rating* 3.0*Genre* Fantasy/Science Fiction*Review*Shadowborn, by Alison Sinclair, is the final book in the Darkborn Trilogy. Unfortunately, I am one of those who really didn't enjoy this story as much as the first two. It was a convoluted story that took the identity of something that appeared to have been thrown together in order to finish the series.In summary, Ishmael and Balthasar Hearne are in the border lands trying to find out more about the sudden influx of Shadowborn incursions and dis [...]

    10. ** Spoilers for earlier books below **I enjoyed this final book in the trilogy, though not as much as Lightborn. Using the first third of the book to catch up on a plotline that runs concurrently with the second book works fairly well, and though the ending is rushed and leaves some threads hanging, it isn’t as bad as I’d been led to believe.This is the book that shifts the focus to fighting Shadowborn, but as a reader not crazy about action scenes I enjoyed these parts without feeling that [...]

    11. Im Groben geht es im abschließenden Band der Trilogie um den Konflikt und vor allem den Kampf zwischen den Schattengeborenen und den Nachtgeborenen und Lichtgeborenen. Die ersten Seiten liest man aus Ishmaels und Balthasars Sicht und wird prompt mit dem ersten Kampf überrascht. Der Zeitraum davor war zwar für meinen Geschmack etwas langatmig, aber dennoch recht interessant, da man unter anderem neue Charaktere kennenlernt. Super fand ich außerdem, dass man - wie im späteren Verlauf der Hand [...]

    12. 3.5 stars, bumped up to 4 on GR systemReading Book 2 of the trilogy, I often caught myself wishing for a little more action to balance out the politics/intrigue portions. Well, Book 3 makes up for that and then some. It is almost all-action, all the time, on no less than three fronts. Ishmael and Balthasar were wonderful foils to one another, different from one another in many ways but each no less essential than the other to the survival of the dual society caught in crisis. It was easy to unde [...]

    13. Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI didn't know this series before starting this one and I was very intrigued by the gorgeous cover. I must say that the three covers of this series have something magical. I was however a little afraid to start a fantasy book by the third volume. I had never tried to do something like that and I know that the fantasy stories are always something more complex than the other genres when you want to read in disorder. My verdict is that it’s really not a good i [...]

    14. Vote: 3,70Class: L-B1 (FP) (final book of the Trilogy)I can't remember how I came to this trilogy and I wasn't overly enthusiastic about the first book (it is not my genre: it's what we could maybe call a romantic-fantasy in a Victorian-fantasy setting). However I decided to continue reading and was greatly rewarded: the romance is less accentuated, the fantasy side is much more developed with its beautiful and original setting.The final book, while it has a satisfying ending, is not quite as go [...]

    15. I've always loved stories about divided groups of people, in this case the division between light and dark, and I think Sinclair makes it work well considering the somewhat Victorian fantasy setting she presents. Actually the Darkborn seem more Victorian and the Lightborn more medieval Italian, come to think of it. In any case, I love the meshing of the two groups and I loved how everything lead up to the war between these divided groups and the mysterious "Shadowborn," a group in between light [...]

    16. Having read all three Darkborn books, now I can say that while the series is intriguing, it is too convoluted. The world is not clearly developed and there are too many characters without a lot of substance. In each book we are introduced to new characters, while focusing less on subsequent characters. Eventually all the characters suffer and become diluted. Also the POV changes from chapter to chapter, as well as the setting. In on chapter it may be daylight in the Lightborn Court and the next [...]

    17. I decided to read this series because my cousin had it and lent it to me. I had read fantasy before, and I enjoyed it. Darkborn and Lightborn were not bad books, but this one was hard for me to process. Part of the problem was simply the concept that the Darkborn must be in total darkness or they die and the opposite for the lightborn. While I can understand the hypothetical concept, in reality this just seems to be an impossible feat. Even if the lightborn can be in shadow and be fine, the conc [...]

    18. This was excellent. I loved the conclusion to the trilogy. I adored the way Telmaine matured and become a mage of courage. Ishmael was marvellous and it was so interesting to see Baltasar and Floria come together. A very satisfying conclusion really. Because no matter what, the reasons for war are always the same, greed for land, hatred of one closest to you in strength, and that made sense with Emeya's madness. Very interesting. I especially liked the way the story and setting reminded me of Ts [...]

    19. Entertaining at first, but really lost it in the end.What follows is some rambling thoughts, contains some minor spoilers, which I've hidden.(view spoiler)[At least it didn't fall into the "and magic was sacrificed to save the world so that we could all stop using it as a crutch and get on with living like real people should" trap that many epic fantasy books seem to.Actually the whole conclusion is pretty low key given how apocalyptic the book starts to feel towards the climax. (hide spoiler)]I [...]

    20. First posted for Fire & IceI really hoped that the third book would remind me why I fell in love with the Darkborn series sadly it did not. Once again while it was not a terrible book it just was not that great and it could have been. In the end this series ended up being to convoluted and not able to sustain itself without coming off as just muddled. The characters that seemed so key in the first two books were nearly missing in this one as well, which left me confused and slightly upset as [...]

    21. Thoroughly enjoyable trilogy. AS wrote three books about 2 separate races the Lightnorn and The Darkborn. 800 years ago, a mage placed a huge cure on the world that separated the two people. The lightborn die if in the dark and the darkborn die if in the light. Centuries have passed and both races have adapted. The book is almost set in a turn of the century industrial age. Darkborn civilization is almost Victorian and lightborn civilization is similar to Medieval Italian society with intrigue, [...]

    22. I went into the conclusion of this brilliant fantasy trilogy with high expectations and was glad to see them fulfilled. Shadowborn definitely lives up to the promise of the first two books, adding yet another dimension to this already complex and fascinating world, upping the ante on the battles both magical and mundane and bringing together all the wonderfully fleshed out characters we've met in the previous installments along with more additions to the cast. While I'm sad to say goodbye to thi [...]

    23. I enjoyed the previous two installments more, probably just because I spent the latter half of the book getting whiplash between character changes and reconstructing the storyline in my head. My goodness I couldn't put it down, but I wasn't always exactly sure what was going on, either. As the end of a trilogy, it did a decent job wrapping things up, although some tie-ups felt a little abrupt. I can't put the blame solely on the author, though, since my reading style is very "light" - think scan [...]

    24. No idea why it took me six months to finish this book; every time I picked it up I was totally swept up by it, but when I put it down I was fine with stopping. Still very impressed by the world-building. After the first two books, I thought "how on earth is she going to wrap this up in one more book?" and the answer was (view spoiler)[that she really didn't. That is, there was a resolution, just not the one I was hoping for/expecting.It's one of those books that seems set up for a sequel series, [...]

    25. Loved this book, loved the series. The concept of the two types of people- those who can only survive with light, and those who can only survive without- living so closely together was greatly done. I must say it didn't end how I expected, but I liked the ending nonetheless. It concluded the story while hinting at the future of the characters and as a reader, that's all I ask for. However, I was more interested in the newborn twins than was ever written about them, and about Bal and Floria than [...]

    26. Now that I have finished this series, I have finally found out why the cures was put on the people. It was out of spite. A man was put under a spell to love a woman. When he was no longer under the spell then he left her. With a broken heart, then mother dear created the curse. Not just for one person but for a whole lot of people. So this last book answered several questions. Like the Darkboorn, and the Lightborne can touch and not get hurtwell in this last book they can. Also my question about [...]

    27. The third and final book in the series.The problem noted in book one are still present, but at least some of the natural mistrust is seen, but still not explained how/why the two groups who mistrust each other choose to reside together.This one has a plot hole that still bothers me. a lot of issues resolved by a common practice that is not done in this case.That being said, the writing is tight and the pace is excellent. The best of the three books, except for the last chapter and epilogue.

    28. The final chapter in this amazing series delivered much, but I cannot help feeling disatisfied with the ending. I wish there would have been a little more resolved or at least explained. I did like the end (epilogue not included) with Balthasar as the series began, a nice touch. Either way it was still an amazing book and I would highly reccomend this series to anyone looking for a unique fantasy story.

    29. This final book was interesting. The suspense was building up as the layers of mystery unfolded, but the climax was confusing for me unfortunately. (Translation to screen may be tough imo) It was an okay ending for me, but it did not answer the questions I had = the love square between the main characters. Since it's a trilogy, I wonder if Imogene's Curse will ever be ended. That would have been interesting. Overall, ok.

    30. I had been looking forward to finishing this trilogy, as the first two books were great. So, when I saw the third has arrived, I was pretty excited and took the thing out in 2 days. Unfortunately, all that build up was kind of for nothing the ending felt rushed, and it was kind of strange all around. The wrap up didn't really give closure. The first 70% was pretty great though. Still a worthwhile light read of a series if you're looking for something mindless.

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