Wandfasted Magic romance and adventure collide in WANDFASTED the irresistible ebook prequel to THE BLACK WITCH When they painted Heretics on our barn and set fire to it I thought that was the worst it could g

  • Title: Wandfasted
  • Author: Laurie Forest
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Magic, romance and adventure collide in WANDFASTED, the irresistible ebook prequel to THE BLACK WITCH When they painted Heretics on our barn and set fire to it, I thought that was the worst it could get.Until they sent the dragons.But they didn t count on us having dragons of our own And they certainly didn t count on Her Our Great Mage The Bringer of Fire The StormMagic, romance and adventure collide in WANDFASTED, the irresistible ebook prequel to THE BLACK WITCH When they painted Heretics on our barn and set fire to it, I thought that was the worst it could get.Until they sent the dragons.But they didn t count on us having dragons of our own And they certainly didn t count on Her Our Great Mage The Bringer of Fire The Storm of Death The Crow Sorceress Our Deliverance.The Black Witch From WANDFASTED

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    1. Laurie Forest

      Laurie Forest lives deep in the backwoods of Vermont where she sits in front of a wood stove drinking strong tea and dreaming up tales full of dryads, dragons and wands THE BLACK WITCH May 2, 2017, Harlequin TEEN is her first novel, and WANDFASTED The Black Witch prequel, July 1, 2017, Harlequin TEEN is her first e book novella.

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    1. See this review and more like it on bookbastion_____________________The Black Witch: ★★★★★Laurie Forest returns in this prequel novella to her stunning debut YA Fantasy novel, The Black Witch. Fans of the complex world-building and layered politics and relationships between the various cultures in this world are sure to love this simply for what it adds to the reader's understanding of the world and certain characters in it. That being said, I do wish that I had gone into this with a b [...]

    2. I had an absolute blast writing this introduction to my world (prequel to The Black Witch). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed envisioning it and writing it ;)

    3. 4 Vale-licious Stars"Tessla," he says with passionate firmness, his gaze suddenly serious. "I have fallen in love with you. Stay fasted to me. Even if we find a way to break this fasting. Let's not."Spoilers beyond. Please read @ your own risk.Things I Liked:⭕️ even though I kinda had a disliking towards vale at the very beginning of the story, I grew to love him and now think he's so adorable 💚⭕️ tessla is so sweet and she and vale make such a bootiful fasted couple⭕️ fain is suc [...]

    4. In addition to its further, intricate and fascinating explanation of the history preceding THE BLACK WITCH, this was utterly delicious.

    5. A thrilling and harrowing tale, Wandfasted kept me up at night following the story of Tessla, a strong heroine with a little magic and a lot of heart. Through the insurmountable odds of prejudice and war, she fights back against enemy troops, hoping to save her sick brother, elderly grandfather and innocent friends. As enemy soldiers raze her village, they harass and threaten Tessla, but she finds immense power inside herself, power she wasn’t trained to use, power that almost kills her. Can h [...]

    6. Loved this book! Forest is a splendid storyteller, bringing Tessa's world into focus with rich detail and energy. Specially love the chapters with her fast mate - how they navigate the world of falling in love. Real emotions, true to teens, and yet heightened to bring this fantasy world into reality. So many twists and turns. Unpredictable. I look forward to her 4 books!

    7. My immediate reaction when I see a 1 Star from people who havent even read it: Ohhh fuck off not this again *rolls eyes*

    8. Wandfasted does not fill it the blanks. It only left me with more questions and answers. Laurie Forest continue to shows us the dark side of Erithia history. This time we see the horrible treatment of Gardnerians under Keltic rule and how Gardnerians vows to fight back under their legendary Black Witch. An important lesson to learn, if we continue to bring up old feuds and constantly using the past oppression as a tool to justify our revenge instead of learning how to live peacefully with each o [...]

    9. Writng: 4 stars Characters: 4 starsPlot: 3 stars3.5 stars overall.---I didn't love this as much as Black Witch . Not because it was a bad book, but I wasn't a fan of it being focused on the romance.I did know it was gonna be about Elloren's parents going in yes, but I never felt fully connected to it all. This is just a me thing, I'm not big on romances 90% of the time.Why did I read it then? I was curious, and eager to see the world as it was when Tessla and Vale were a part of everything going [...]

    10. This book is a lot like The Black Witch, the author pushing the same messages and still people think this story is hurting people when in fact, it's not. It's preaching love and inclusion and things SJWs claim they want so seeing them one star a book they've never read it makes me roll my eyes. At least I get a good laugh from their actions.This story shows when the Kelts were the ones in change and how they ruled harshly. It just goes to show that the author has captured human emotions/actions [...]

    11. Holy crap! How is Forest a newbie author?! I DEVOURED this book in a little under 5 hours and will definitely now be re-reading The Black Witch. Forest is an instant buy for me now.This book starts out with a bangke dragons fighting a witch trying to stop a genocide type bang! It eventually dies down but I didn't ever feel or notice a lul in the pace. There is always something happening and I understood that everything being brought up was either a comment on an issue we have in our society and/ [...]

    12. This was such a sweet peek into the first generation of what im gonna assume were a merry band of misfit freedom fighters. I have so many theories now having seen book one and being able to line up their parents and the kids we see some 20 years later. While I can't say it added anything directly to the story of book one I have a strong feeling that we will have kickbacks to this in later installments.Also 250+ pages not so much a novella as a full book dude lol but I'm not complaining one bit.

    13. LOL at the ppl 1 starring this alreadyy'all petty as fuck. Go read a my little pony book aight? 😂😂😂 lotsa snowflakes and rainbows and shit there🌈 ❄️ ❣️🎈☀️👙

    14. UPDATE 14/6:I was under the strange impression this novella was going to be about Sage. I don't know how or why I thought that!! I'm more excited to get such a brand new story in this world!!WE HAVE A COVER AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!

    15. Longer than I was expecting this to be, but a great adult companion piece to The Black Witch. I don't know which one was written first, but definitely aimed at different audiences. This one is more adult, more erotic, etc while Black Witch is firmly in the YA genre. Importantly, this gives a different spin on the whole Garderian saga by filling in the story of what happened a generation before the time period in the Black Witch. It's interesting to see the mighty Garderians as the oppressed and [...]

    16. ve been saying that within 2 years, Laurie Forest will be one of the biggest, most respected names in fantasy. Her new novella, Wandfasted, will go a long way toward making that reality.It’s a longer novella, almost full novel length, which is good bang-for-your-buck in terms of entertainment/cost value. And actually, it’s almost two separate books in terms of what happens in the story. I’ll break it down as such:First 20%: Fantasy action storyLast 80%: Fantasy romance storyIf you view it [...]

    17. Although not as good as 'The Black Witch', still THOROUGHLY enjoyable and I really have to congratulate Forest for her writing. She's improving, and with how much better this read than 'The Black Witch', and it gives me a lot of hope for the rest of this series. Now, first and foremost, Forest knows how to write a story, and her primary storyline of challenging stereotype and prejudice is admirable and done in a way I don't see often in YA that isn't ham fisted. She really tackles these issues, [...]

    18. A wonderful prequel, I didn’t anticipate this part of the story’s journey back in time. Starting reading I was kept in suspense, the characters a full mystery. For "The Black Witch" readers is a delightful insight into the characters history.When war ensues, the Gardnerians fear for their and the love ones life. Only one is brave enough to stand against the enemy and fight for her family. But not strong enough to defeat them, as is the Black Witch. When fire meets fire, hope arises. A Level [...]

    19. Hey Ya'll! If you'd like to read my whole, spoiler-filled review (spoilers are marked beforehand), click the link below to my blog:gracelingaccountantblog.wordpHere are the highlights:When they painted Heretics on our barn and set fire to it, I thought that was the worst it could get. Until they sent the dragons. But they didn’t count on us having dragons of our own. And they certainly didn’t count on Her. Our Great Mage. The Bringer of Fire. The Storm of Death. The Crow Sorceress. Our Deliv [...]

    20. Wandfasted tilts heavily toward a romance novel, which I don't think The Black Witch did -- there was romance and love interests, but it was more about prejudice and the resistance. Wandfasted is essentially the story of Elloren's (from The Black Witch) parents meeting and the rise of The Black Witch, who was Elloren's grandmother. At the time of this book, the Gardnerians were the underdog, and as we know from the novel, they eventually rose to power, and learned nothing from their oppression o [...]

    21. I loved the story, the characters and the world of new magical races. I didn't want to put this book down. I love that we were able to get a glimpse of Rafe, Elloren, and Trystan's parents and how they met. This is an awesome addition to the Black Witch Chronicals. I don't know what to do with myself until the next book comes out. Laurie Forest, you are my new favorite author!!

    22. I absolutely loved this prequel!! It was so interesting to see how everything from this book connects into Black Witch. I cannot wait for more from Laurie Forest because everything I have read so far has been absolutely thrilling and attention grabbing!! I was not able to put this book down!!!

    23. A wonderful addition to the Black Witch Chronicles! I loved this prequel. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.

    24. Well written background story that sets up the action for The Black Witch. Beautiful love story as well. When is the next book coming?!?!

    25. I liked the characters, I liked the romance and their slow burn.But this novella was choking on cliches and tropes, excessive description and repeat description. Tessla was way too forgiving and conciliatory toward her fickle, disloyal friends and her backward, conniving grandfather.

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